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Ever feel like flipping your boss ? I did.... I so wanted to flip my boss today. He kept asking me to do this, and to do that. I was about to just explose... Thank god it's TGIFF today (Thank God It's Fucking Friday), cuz I'm not sure I could've managed another day.

I sooooo deserve my weekend, and i'm gonna make the most of it and relax the most that I can. I was supposed to do somethin with my cousin tonight, but I cancelled with him, cuz I told him I wasn't feeling too hot today. That's the cold truth though. I feel like crap, both physically and mentally. I just spoke to him minutes ago, and he looked pissed at me for cancelling our plans tonight. Big fucking deal, geez... Can't I cancel stuff sometimes ? It's not like I always do this kind of shit. I hardly ever say no to stuff, let alone cancel plans. And now that I DO cancel, I look bad? Well fuck that....

As you can tell, i've had a rough day, and the last thing I need right now is for someone to piss me off...

Over and out....
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