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new years eve

Since it's the 31st of December 2005, I figured it was a good time to update my LJ.  This entry is purely to reflect on the good things and not so good things i've done in the past year.

2005's biggest accomplishment :
Alright, well the biggest news from 2005 is that I finally got myself a job.  That was without a doubt the greatest news, and it was a shocker at the time too, because I was starting to think that nobody wanted to employ me for some reason.  So when I got the call from my boss saying that he wanted to give me a try, I was hella happy.

So that was the good part of 2005

2005's biggest dissapointement :
Well the biggest dissapointement of 2005 has got to be the fact that I'm still and very much so single.  Of course I could tell myself that I haven't really been trying that hard to make a change in that department, with my job and all.  As much as I wanted a job, I never thought it would be so much work.  It's very time consuming when you work 9-5, 5 days a week.

Quote of the year :
"Did that girl want to get a job here ?  Wow, if only she knew what goes on behind these doors, I'm not so sure she would've demanded a job".  That quote was said by me, when some girl knocked on our door, demanding for a job.  Because what you need to know is that the name of the company has a "marketing" in it.  So she thought she'd try to get a job at where I work.  What she DIDN'T know, is that we review porn sites hehehe

Biggest discovery (music wise) :
This is a hard one because there has been so many cds I bought in 2005.  There was the much anticipated return of Fiona Apple with her latest "Extraordinary Machine".  Then there was the cd I had been waiting forever to receive "The Birthday Massacre - Violet".  But I think the 2 bands I listened to most in 2005 has got to be Kidneythieves and Metric.  I'm talking about their albums "Zerospace" and "Live it out"

Thing I bought that i'm most glad I did :
It has got to be my 2d figurine I bough recently.  It's so cute.  For those who don't know from which band this 2d character is, it's from a band called Gorillaz.  The singer of Blur is part of that "special band"

One thing I'm asshamed that I still did in 2005 :
If there's one thing I still did in 2005 that i'm not too proud of, it's gotta be "please everyone".  On some forum, everytime someone requests a banner, i'm pretty much always the 1st to make one for them.  I guess you could say my "being extra nice" is my curse.  Anothing thing i'm ashamed of : the fact that I say the word "sorry" too much.  I say it so much in fact that my friend from Australia and I decided we'd put 25cents in a "sorry jar" everytime we said it, or if someone said it to us.  Turns out I gathered up 52$ for a year's worth of sorrys

Best movie of 2005 according to me :
Even if its release is in late 2005, i'm still positive that the best movie of 2005 was King Kong.  Even with its 3hrs + running time, I still loved it.  I would recommend it very highly to everyone :)

Well, that pretty much sums it up for 2005.  See you all in 2006, have a safe and happy new year everybody :)
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