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weird day...

Let me begin this entry by sayin this : "i've had one of those weird days". So i've learned recently that my boss will hire somebody new to help me with all my work. So another web designer will join our team. I learned today though that my boss is gonna interview a girl applying for the position. A girl ?!?!?! Wtf ? How could any girl take this kind of job ? I'm really curious to see how she looks like and what she is like. I mean to interview for such a job and to be a girl, it kinda doesn't make sense to me.

The only logical explanation I can see is this : she's a pornstar wannabe and she hopes that by working with us she'll make contacts in the porn industry. That's all I can think of, really !

Other than that i'm fine. Kinda busy, but fine.

I think some girl at the bank counter was flirting with me, but I suck so much with girls that I'm not sure. Of course I didn't make any moves, cuz i've never done that. She was like, "wow, looks like gonna serve you again today". I was like, "yeah, looks like it hehe". Then she said "If this keeps up i'll be your "official cashier". Hmmmm, should've asked her out. Oh well, there's always next time, but i'll have to build up the courage first.

I think that's all there is to say for the moment, so see ya's next time :p
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