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6/21/06 12:53 pm

Like OMG!. So I totally got the Nelly Furtado's new album. My thoughts are: GET THIS NOW SON! It is quite superb, if I may say so myself. Get it now SON if you haven't and if you were thinking of getting it, get it! Soon...Like now, now now now !!!. Why are you even reading this then? Go out and buy it now!

Ok, so this was totally a tribute to Drew... If you're reading this Drew, I just HAD to make fun of your post you made hehe My bad, don't hate the player, hate the game! ;)

5/19/06 01:45 pm - Does anyone even reads Livejournal entries anymore ?

Hey guys,

I feel like it's been forever since i've written on LJ. I thought what better time to write in here than now. Let me explain. A LOT has been going on in my life in the past few months. First of all, the biggest news is that I'm now living by myself in an appartment. But since I wasn't too sure about what I was doing, I figured it'd be best if I was close to my mom. So i'm living 5mins by car from her. So if anything goes wrong, at least I know she's close.

I gotta say.... living by myself in my own place is a lot harder than I expected. All the things you gotta think about before moving and after. It's no wonder I had to take a sick day from work today. I had to sort out some things regarding my change of address. Then, before that, there was the fact that I didn't have the net at home. Anybody who knows me well enough knows that I was absolutely going crazy. Being that my "legal" drug is music, the fact that I couldn't get myself new music was making me depressed. Now i'm equipped with the internet and my own home phone. The thing that's hard is that I gotta make myself dinner every night, do the dishes, etc. As easy as that sounds, it takes time out of my busy life. I come back home from work at about 6:45pm. So that leaves me very little time to prepare myself food and do the dishes. And to be honest, who likes doing that after coming back from work ?

I took Chessie (my favorite cat) with me in my appartment. I figured i'd feel less lonely with a cat with me. I think it was and STILL is hard for her. At first I remember that she was hiding in my closet all day long, without moving or anything. Now, she seems a little more comfortable, at least that's how it looks. Right now she's lying on my futon with me by her side.

What else is there to say about my life....hmmmmmm Well, I guess that all that stress from moving into my own place finally got to me. I've had a cold since last sunday, and it's fighting hard. But thankfully, I have a 3 day weekend ahead.

Also, i'm taking a short vacation from work in July. I've earned it, big time. But even if i've earned it, I know that if I leave for more than a week, they'll be in deep shit. So I told my boss i'd only take a week, instead of 2.

Man.....I'm so sick of the rain. It's been raining almost non-stop ever since I moved here. And it's really starting to get on my freakin' nerves. That probably doesn't help my cold as well.

Anyways, that's pretty much all I had to say for the time being.


2/22/06 07:57 pm

Since it's been like forever that i've updated this thingy, I thought, why the fuck not....

Not like anybody will care either way, but yeah...

Well, there's nothing new to report really. I'm still working at the same place as before. I'm still seeing as much porn as before. Thank god, nothing shocks me anymore. We're moving offices soon (by the end of february). It's gonna be like 2 times bigger than our office at the moment.

I'm still living at home with my mom and my brother. Although I was close to move out recently. I was supposed to move out with one of my cousins, but of course that didn't happen. It's probably all for the best though. I prefer this than having moved in with him and then realizing that it was a mistake. It would've been good though, cuz it would've brought me a LOT closer to where I work. I work in Montréal, and to get there from my current home, it takes me about 1 hour and half. So you take that, x5 and it makes about 5-6hrs spent on travelling per week. No wonder i'm tired all the time...... *sigh*

There's a new girl that's working with us now. She writes reviews for the sites we review, obviously. I'm not sure she'll last very long to be honest. She's just been with us since last thursday, and already it seems as though she's fed up with the things she sees. I don't blame her. I remember my 1st week. It was pretty bad. I was seeing naked people everywhere hehe. She looks like the shy and quiet type. I think she's more of a girl who talks online than in real life. The reason why I say this is because she sent me a message through ICQ today. I was on my break and she looked over my shoulder and saw that I was looking at the olympics results. She sent me a message saying : "hey, have we won any more medals ?". This was only the 2nd time that someone from work sent me a message through ICQ (other than my boss of course, who sends me messages all the time). I wonder if she has a crush on me :S When I left work today, I said : "have a goodnight guys". And she replied with : "have a goodnight, bye Paul". I didn't even know she knew my name. But as she said that, she said it loud at first, then faded when she said my name (as if she was shy to say my name).

This would go against my rules about dating people from work. I honestly think it's not a good idea to date people from work. It can only lead to trouble. What if your relationship ends on a bad note ? Then you have to be careful with your work relationship afterwards.

Other than that, i'm covering for a collegue of mine. The other web-designer/programmer had to take a few days off to see her family. Family urgency and all. So I'm the lucky guy who gets all the work. So far, so good. I'm really at the top of my game at the moment, and i'm proving to my boss that he did good by hiring me. But honestly, now would not be a good time to fuck up.

Anyways, that's pretty much it for now....

12/31/05 12:18 pm - new years eve

Since it's the 31st of December 2005, I figured it was a good time to update my LJ.  This entry is purely to reflect on the good things and not so good things i've done in the past year.

2005's biggest accomplishment :
Alright, well the biggest news from 2005 is that I finally got myself a job.  That was without a doubt the greatest news, and it was a shocker at the time too, because I was starting to think that nobody wanted to employ me for some reason.  So when I got the call from my boss saying that he wanted to give me a try, I was hella happy.

So that was the good part of 2005

2005's biggest dissapointement :
Well the biggest dissapointement of 2005 has got to be the fact that I'm still and very much so single.  Of course I could tell myself that I haven't really been trying that hard to make a change in that department, with my job and all.  As much as I wanted a job, I never thought it would be so much work.  It's very time consuming when you work 9-5, 5 days a week.

Quote of the year :
"Did that girl want to get a job here ?  Wow, if only she knew what goes on behind these doors, I'm not so sure she would've demanded a job".  That quote was said by me, when some girl knocked on our door, demanding for a job.  Because what you need to know is that the name of the company has a "marketing" in it.  So she thought she'd try to get a job at where I work.  What she DIDN'T know, is that we review porn sites hehehe

Biggest discovery (music wise) :
This is a hard one because there has been so many cds I bought in 2005.  There was the much anticipated return of Fiona Apple with her latest "Extraordinary Machine".  Then there was the cd I had been waiting forever to receive "The Birthday Massacre - Violet".  But I think the 2 bands I listened to most in 2005 has got to be Kidneythieves and Metric.  I'm talking about their albums "Zerospace" and "Live it out"

Thing I bought that i'm most glad I did :
It has got to be my 2d figurine I bough recently.  It's so cute.  For those who don't know from which band this 2d character is, it's from a band called Gorillaz.  The singer of Blur is part of that "special band"

One thing I'm asshamed that I still did in 2005 :
If there's one thing I still did in 2005 that i'm not too proud of, it's gotta be "please everyone".  On some forum, everytime someone requests a banner, i'm pretty much always the 1st to make one for them.  I guess you could say my "being extra nice" is my curse.  Anothing thing i'm ashamed of : the fact that I say the word "sorry" too much.  I say it so much in fact that my friend from Australia and I decided we'd put 25cents in a "sorry jar" everytime we said it, or if someone said it to us.  Turns out I gathered up 52$ for a year's worth of sorrys

Best movie of 2005 according to me :
Even if its release is in late 2005, i'm still positive that the best movie of 2005 was King Kong.  Even with its 3hrs + running time, I still loved it.  I would recommend it very highly to everyone :)

Well, that pretty much sums it up for 2005.  See you all in 2006, have a safe and happy new year everybody :)

12/15/05 10:16 pm - a small boring update...

Well, I shouldn't say "small", as this is probably gonna be a big one...

Where do I start... Everybody who knows me know that I complain a lot. So nothing's new here. If complaining was a sport, i'd probably win first prize... But after tonight, I just feel as if my life doesn't got much of a meaning. I don't have anybody to care for, and nobody likes me in the way i'd like. Tonight we had a get together for a small office collegues diner party at some fancy restaurant in Montréal. All of my collegues were talking about their boyfriends or girlfriends. Asking one another questions about how it was going with them and stuff. I don't know why, but everytime something like this happens, everybody just seem to assume i'm always single and they don't even bother asking me about it. It's almost as if I had "eternally single" stamped on my damn forehead. Where does it say i'm "damaged goods" ? I'd like to know so that I can get rid of it.

I don't think i've ever felt this lonely and bad at the same time. I mean, sure it could be a lot worse... I could be an amputee or be blind or something. So I shouldn't complain. But being as I am, I can't help it.

I suck at guessing people's age. Tonight I've learned that I'm still the youngest in the office. The nearest to my age is my boss with 26. The new girl who started working with us recently is 28. I honestly would never have guessed she was 28. And the guy who acts childish all the time just turned 30 today. Again, I would have never thought he was 30. Me with my "unshaved look", I must look way older. But since I have very little time in my life, I can't find any time to shave. And to add to that, i'm lazy.

One another thing i've learned tonight : apparently, here in Québec, girls go after guys a lot more. That just makes me laugh because it's never happened to me even once. Either girls are too shy to ask me out, or I'm not too good looking. I'm leaning towards the later.

Well, i'll end this here, because i've runned out of things to say (as unbelievable as that sounds...)

11/4/05 07:27 pm - @$@#@#@@%@$@

Ever feel like flipping your boss ? I did.... I so wanted to flip my boss today. He kept asking me to do this, and to do that. I was about to just explose... Thank god it's TGIFF today (Thank God It's Fucking Friday), cuz I'm not sure I could've managed another day.

I sooooo deserve my weekend, and i'm gonna make the most of it and relax the most that I can. I was supposed to do somethin with my cousin tonight, but I cancelled with him, cuz I told him I wasn't feeling too hot today. That's the cold truth though. I feel like crap, both physically and mentally. I just spoke to him minutes ago, and he looked pissed at me for cancelling our plans tonight. Big fucking deal, geez... Can't I cancel stuff sometimes ? It's not like I always do this kind of shit. I hardly ever say no to stuff, let alone cancel plans. And now that I DO cancel, I look bad? Well fuck that....

As you can tell, i've had a rough day, and the last thing I need right now is for someone to piss me off...

Over and out....

10/14/05 09:01 pm

Well it's happened. What I was fearing happened. My boss gave the job to the girl who auditionned today. So now there's gonna be a girl in the office starting monday. What's even more scary is the fact that apparently she's a programmer as well. So that means right from the start she knows more than me. I feel there's gonna be lots of competition now. I'm not too up for it but i'll have to adjust to the situation. I really wonder made her send her resume after seeing the kind of work she'd do. Sure she's from Europe and ppl are more open there, but still. I'm hella curious. Maybe it was the "tempting" 14$/hour that did it for her, who knows.

It's gonna be weird in the office, that's for sure.

That's all I gotta say for now.

10/13/05 07:57 pm - weird day...

Let me begin this entry by sayin this : "i've had one of those weird days". So i've learned recently that my boss will hire somebody new to help me with all my work. So another web designer will join our team. I learned today though that my boss is gonna interview a girl applying for the position. A girl ?!?!?! Wtf ? How could any girl take this kind of job ? I'm really curious to see how she looks like and what she is like. I mean to interview for such a job and to be a girl, it kinda doesn't make sense to me.

The only logical explanation I can see is this : she's a pornstar wannabe and she hopes that by working with us she'll make contacts in the porn industry. That's all I can think of, really !

Other than that i'm fine. Kinda busy, but fine.

I think some girl at the bank counter was flirting with me, but I suck so much with girls that I'm not sure. Of course I didn't make any moves, cuz i've never done that. She was like, "wow, looks like gonna serve you again today". I was like, "yeah, looks like it hehe". Then she said "If this keeps up i'll be your "official cashier". Hmmmm, should've asked her out. Oh well, there's always next time, but i'll have to build up the courage first.

I think that's all there is to say for the moment, so see ya's next time :p

10/9/05 08:25 pm

At the moment I forget if i've mentionned it in previewer entries, but
i've finally got my comp all hooked up in my room, with internet. 
Yep, was about time too.  I had to wait like 2 weeks for my 
new computer.  It was horrible.  I was about to go
nuts.  It was the first computer I ever bought and it wasn't such
a good experience hehe.  But in the end it was all worth it. 
It freakin' kicks major ass :)

I gotta be honest.  I feel pretty lonely lately.  I wish I
had a girl to spend my life with, but that's kinda hard with the way my
life is being lived right now.  I spend most of my time at work
and I hardly have time for anything else.  When I have free time I
rarely have time to really enjoy myself.  It's either help this
friend with this, help this cousin with that, etc...  How in the
world would I be able to fit in a girlfriend in all that ?

I've comed to realize that this world can be a very lonely place
sometimes.  Especially when winter time creeps up on you. 
For those of you who don't have cold winters like we do here, count
yourselves lucky.  It's pretty bad.  I think it's the season
where there's the most suicides.  I'm so not looking foward to
coming home from work in complete darkness.  But I gotta tell
myself that at least when i'll go to work in the morning it's gonna be
sunny outside, there's always that.

I made this a couple of mins ago and thought it looked awesome.  I
haven't done graphic stuff in ages, sometimes it's good to take breaks,
look at the result ! hehe  Anyways, that's all I had on my mind
for the time being...  Till' next time.


10/5/05 01:04 pm - interests....

LJ Interests meme results

  1. carebears:
    is something very symbolic to me. Because my house burned down when I was young and it burned everthing, including my blue carebear.
  2. elisha cuthbert:
    is the girl nextdoor I'll never have :p
  3. grand theft auto:
    is something I play when I need to take out my anger.
  4. jack johnson:
    is something I listen to when I just feel like "vedgin".
  5. macy sky:
    is one freakin' hot babe.
  6. natalie imbruglia:
    is a very good singer and her "torn" video is one of my all-time fav videos.
  7. pictures:
    is one of my hobbies when I surf the net.
  8. simpsons:
    Was my fav show on tv, right until they ran out of ideas and made stupid episodes....
  9. the birthday massacre:
    Is a industrial band I like.
  10. within temptation:
    is a metal band I like.

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