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LJ Interests meme results

  1. carebears:
    is something very symbolic to me. Because my house burned down when I was young and it burned everthing, including my blue carebear.
  2. elisha cuthbert:
    is the girl nextdoor I'll never have :p
  3. grand theft auto:
    is something I play when I need to take out my anger.
  4. jack johnson:
    is something I listen to when I just feel like "vedgin".
  5. macy sky:
    is one freakin' hot babe.
  6. natalie imbruglia:
    is a very good singer and her "torn" video is one of my all-time fav videos.
  7. pictures:
    is one of my hobbies when I surf the net.
  8. simpsons:
    Was my fav show on tv, right until they ran out of ideas and made stupid episodes....
  9. the birthday massacre:
    Is a industrial band I like.
  10. within temptation:
    is a metal band I like.

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